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Intensive Nourishment Serum 10ml x 6

  • Model No.:CI-15
  • Made in:Taiwan
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A Comprehensive Healthy Hair Program


  • 10ml*6:1pcs

Key Features

 Its unique natural extracts activate scalp and recuperate hair efficiently and mildly.  Preventing hair loss, offers nourishment for hair growth.


Patented development technology

Discharge / Treatment / Supplement / Nourishment / Revival



Volumizing Again

A Comprehensive Healthy Hair Program


 Ginseng:Repairs damaged hair, Strengthens hair tenacity.

 Mint:Oil secretion control of scalp

 Trehalose:Efficiently protect active ingredients

 European Dodder:Supplies nourishment and strengthen hair root

 PolygalaTenuifolia:Improves health of scalp

 PolygonumMultiflorum:Helps to grow black hair、make hair healthier


Say goodbye to: oily  Furfur  Itches  Hair loose  olliculitis

Main Export Market


Payment Details

  • Payment Terms:TT
  • Min. Order Quantity:12 Pieces


  • JENNYA婕妮雅 密集滋養安瓶 Intensive Nourishment Serum

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